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    Why you need thermometer data logger recorder in cold storage systems?

    Why you need thermometer data logger recorder in cold storage systems?

    Thermometer data logger recorder
    has become the necessity of every business. It plays a vital role in all industries which need to focus on temperature. So, in this sense, cold storage systems are incomplete without these devices.

    What is a cold chain?

    The term cold chain is also known as the cold chain in the fields of pharmaceutical industry and logistics.

    This nomenclature involves all systems, structures, activities and controls on storage and transportation in this sector. It is in order to guarantee the quality and safety of all products that require controlled temperature.

    How the cold chain works with thermometer data logger recorder?

    It is necessary to guarantee the control of the products during the entire route and transport, from the factory’s exit to the final destination. The industries, together with the regulatory authorities, need to guarantee the deliveries of the thermometer data logger recorder without changes in their therapeutic properties. Similarly, these involve the quality sector.

    Main temperature control ranges for cold chain

    Considering the importance of temperature control, the main ranges for the cold chain are:

    Chilled or Refrigerated (Cold Chamber): any temperature between 8 ° C and 15 ° C.

    Freezer: cold place where the temperature is maintained thermostatically between -20 ° C and -10 ° C.

    The storage of products at thermometer data logger recorder temperature

    The storage of biological products and medicines must come in an air-conditioned and appropriate place according to the specifications of thermometer data logger recorder.

    This would involve a shed with temperature monitoring (data logger) and temperature control devices on the roof – Roof spray cooler, for example, in cases of temperature above the limit for storage products at room temperature (15 to 30ºC);

    In addition, in the storage area, it is necessary to have a cold chamber with duly calibrated temperature monitoring.

    Why transportation need refrigeration?

    Generally, in such cases, the transportation must contain refrigeration in a controlled condition.

    Similarly, for the efficiency of transportation, it is necessary to consider some items, such as:

    • Cooling system with monitoring in the truck body

    Data logger: thermometer data logger recorder

    Proper management of the food we will consume later is necessary to maintain the famous cold chain so that the food does not spoil.

    For this reason, thermometer data logger recorder is a fundamental element to be able to control the state of food.

    The cold chain, necessary for the preservation of food

    Cold helps pathogenic microorganisms slow down their process or even stop, so food can last longer in good condition.

    Covering or maintaining an ice base in fresh foods is the best way to maintain the cold chain and prevent it from spoiling.

    In case they are placed in the freezer and / or refrigerator. Moreover, it is important to keep in mind that these foods cannot be introduced hot, since the heat emitted by the food, together with the cold in the refrigerator, can damage the food itself.

    It is also not correct to have a dish stand for more than two hours and then cool or freeze it, as food deteriorates over time.

    Temperature control for food storage with thermometer data logger recorder

    Critical points of the chain

    There are four critical points within the cold chain where there is a risk of “interruption”. Let’s see what practices thermometer data logger recorder help dispel this threat.

    1. Loading and unloading
    • Warehouse where fresh fruit is stored at a controlled temperature
    • Warehouse where fresh fruit is stored at a controlled temperature
    1. Storage

    The need for constant temperature control in storage areas requires ad hoc solutions. At the heart of cold logistics is the cold store, whose correct functioning requires:

    • The supports for the evaporators that contribute to the rise of the air up to the plenum.
    • An elevated and insulated industrial walkway to carry out maintenance of the evaporators.
    1. Transportation

    From the logistics center you can directly contribute to the maintenance of the cold chain. You just need to install thermometer data logger recorder.  Thanks to the data sent by the modern warehouse management software. These programs are able to coordinate internal logistics activities and those of transporters, thus making the operational phases more agile.

    The cold chain process is good with thermometer data logger recorder

    The challenge of the cold chain is to maintain the controlled temperature sensitive products to thermal variation, throughout its path between production and consumption. 

    Basically, this concept involves all the processes and structures created to guarantee the quality of products. Moreover, these products require controlled temperature, during the logistics activity.

    Part of the cold chain:

    • Transport;
    • Storage;
    • Specialized equipment;
    • Specialized team;
    • Technologies and systems to constantly monitor and manage the temperature;
    • Implementation of specific standard procedures for all professionals involved in the process.

    The success of cold chain management involves adapting environments to temperature variations, strict control over their variables and a high level of care and investment to guarantee the quality of the operation and, consequently, of the goods involved.

    Refrigerated storage and cooling levels

    The difference between dry storage and refrigerated storage is precisely in controlling the temperature within a given physical structure. Generally, we use thermometer data logger recorder. In warehouses, they can be used cold rooms, cold rooms, or the structure of an entire shed. It varies from the needs of the industry and the logistics operator that offers it.


    The cold storage preserves the integrity of the product stored, enhances your safety and hygiene and also allows greater control of production and inventory management, enabling balance supply according to market demand.

    What does proper food storage involve?

    Many uninformed people still believe that the correct storage of foods involves only the instructions contained in the product packaging. But they forget the role of thermometer data logger recorder.

    Preserving food involves either placing it in the cupboard or refrigerator after shopping, or storing leftovers properly in a sealed, sterilized pot in the refrigerator for a few days.


    Of all, what most influences is the temperature. The higher and closer to room temperature it is, the greater the deterioration and development of pathogenic microorganisms.