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    S630 GPRS-GSM Real-time printing temperature & humidity data logger


    S630 GPRS-GSM wireless remote online temperature & humidity data logger is a new generation wireless data logger developed by HUATO, with built-in GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, USB, communication module, it can transmit data to terminal users remote real-time.

    This is an Internet of things device which combines the following functions: ①temperature & humidity data collecting, GPRS wireless data transportation, GPS positioning②remote real-time monitoring, ③SMS alarm when data exceeds settings. ④Base station positioning. ⑤USB data export, Bluetooth printout, and sound and light alarm.

    It mainly applied in food, pharmaceutical cold storage, transportation, vehice, incubator, ideal for fields such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cold-chain transportation and heating.

    green-mi.png S630GPRS-GSM Real-time printing temperature & humidity data logger


    • Compact portable design with IP65 water proof.
    • External power supply and rechargeable battery supply.
    • GPRS upload interval can be set according to customer demand.
    • Base station location function help user to read the truck/car
    • With print temperature&humidity data in real time and support
      Bluetooth print.
    • Remote online monitor ,export excell ,BMP,TXT report.
    • Support HUATO cloud service.

    Model List
    Model S630-EX S630-DX S630-ET S630-DT
    measurement range
    -40~85℃(-40~185℉) -40~85℃(-40~185℉) -40~85℃(-40~185℉) -40~85℃(-40~185℉)
    Temperature accuracy ±0.3℃(0~50℃);±0.5℃(other range) ±0.5℃(-10~80℃);±0.1℃(other range)
    Humidity accuracy ±3%RH(25℃、20~80%RH); ±5%RH(other range) / /
    measurement range
    0~100%RH 0~100%RH / /
    Sensor type Temperature & Humidity External sensor,1m Temperature & Humidity External double sensor,1m External sensor,1m External double sensor,1m
    Record volume 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
    Resolution 0.1℃/0.1℉ , 0.1%RH
    Sampling Rate 10 seconds to 255 seconds
    Logging Rate 1 minute to 12 hours(user set)
    Radio frequency GSM(850/900/1800/1900)Mhz

    1.7 – inch Color LCD

    • Date and Time、Working State、Battery、Temperature and Humidity
    • Signal values、Version、Logging Information、Battery protection
    • Logger SN、Samping Rate、Logging Rate、Alarm Range
    • Server、Port、APN、Network state
    Alarm Hign and low temperature sound and light alarm
    Power Rechargeable internal lithium polymer battery
    Battery Life 2200mAh lithium battery , uploading interval
    of 15 min working last one month
    USB Interface Standard Micro USB,Rechargeable and Parameter
    Software Windows XP/Vista/7/10(32-bit of 64-bit)
    Calibration Factory NIST traceable 3-piont calibration
    Certifications CE、RoHS
    Enclosure Rating Mainframe IP65;External sensor IP68
    Work Environment -20℃ to 60℃,0~100%RH ; External sensor(-40~85℃ ,
    Dimensions 95mm * 55mm * 18mm
    Weight 121g
    Other 1. Micro SIM   2. Three color LED alarm
    App Function description

    1. Real-time monitoring: Display real-time data in graphs and maps, support equipment information query.

    2. Data center : Through data query, users can comprehensively understand the operation of various types of
    instruments, and implement strict monitoring.

    3. System settings : Display the real-time status of the device in a list form , and can add , delete , modify ,
    check and manage the partitioned devices.


    green-mi.png Network Topology

    Network Topology

    Network Topology 2

    green-mi.png LogPro Recorder Analysis Software

    1、Connecting to LogPro software

    Connecting to LogPro software

    2、Enter GPRS settings ( Note : The mobile phone card used is China Unicom card. Fill in “unnet” in the “APN” colume; use the mobile phone card as a telecommunications card and fill in [ cmnet ] in the [ APN ] column. )

    Enter GPRS settings

    3、Instrument GSM alarm settings.

    Instrument GSM alarm settings.

    green-mi.png Huato Cloud Platform

    Huato Cloud Platform

    green-mi.png Applications

    It mainly applied in food, pharmaceutical cold storage, transportation, vehicle, incubator; ideal for fields such as hospitals, pharmaceuticals, cold-chain transportation and heating.





    Pharmaceutical industry

    Pharmaceutical industry

    Cold storage

    Cold storage

    green-mi.png The Standard Accessories

    数据线         软件光盘         Adapt the power cord

                   Data Cable                                           Software+Manual                           Charge Connector