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    Why do medicine manufacturing companies need thermo-hygrometer?

    Why do medicine manufacturing companies need thermo-hygrometer?

    Today, we are going to talk about how to use Thermo-Hygrometer and store medicines at home, a very important care that can reflect on our health.

    Usually people store medicines in their homes for times when bothersome symptoms appear. As medication is a serious matter, many can be potentially harmful, especially if they are in poor condition. 

    Moreover, care must be taken not to jeopardize your health and that of those who live with you. With common sense and some basic tips, it is possible to obtain greater security to store them at home.

    We have prepared some simple but practical Thermo-Hygrometer tips that can help in this process. Moreover, the tips can be useful mainly for the elderly, caregivers and family members.

    Want to know how to do this? Check out the following Thermo-Hygrometer tips:

    1. Keep medicines in dry, cool places, protected from light, out of the reach of children and animals. Avoid storing medications with cleaning products, perfumery and food.

    Protect medicines from the incidence of direct light, many medicines are sensitive to light, keep them in the original packaging.

    Protect medications from moisture:

     If possible on shelves and away from the wall. Kitchens and bathrooms, although widely used for this, are bad options, as they generally conserve a lot of humidity. Keep the storage place always clean and airy, avoid stuffy place.

    Protect them from heat;

    All medicines must be kept below 25 degrees centigrade. Some still need special conditions so always read the storage instructions before opening it and respect the temperature and storage conditions. Do not store medication over the refrigerator, due to the heat. Avoid leaving the medication inside the car for a long time.

    Keep only medicines that have Thermo-Hygrometer in the refrigerator, ask for explanation to a pharmacist closest to your home. Do not store medication in the refrigerator door or near the freezer. Insulin, for example, loses its effect if frozen.

    Why you need Thermo-Hygrometer for medicine storage?

    If you use pillboxes to store your medications, leave only enough for 24 hours.  Do not store medicines without labels / identification. Do not reuse bottles used to place other liquids?

    The storage of medications must be individualized and separated to avoid errors and exchanges with other people’s medications.

    Wash your hands before handling any medication.

    Handle medications in bright places. Always read the name and dosage of the medication to avoid exchanges.

    Regular use of medications is important, observe the prescribed times .Moreover, always take tablets and capsules with water or as directed by a healthcare professional.

    Consult your doctor or pharmacist if it is necessary to break or crush the tablets. Open only one bottle or carton of each medication at a time.

    Why proper temperature is important for medicine packaging?

    Keep medications in their original packaging to facilitate identification and validity control. Observe the expiration date frequently and do not take expired medications. Consult thermo-Hygrometer specialist if you notice any change in the medication: color, stain, taste or strange smell.

    Preferably use the meter that comes with the medication. Avoid using homemade spoons. Wash it after use.

    Do not pass the tip of the medicine tube directly on wounds or on the skin when using ointments and creams. You can contaminate the medicine. Do not touch the tip of the eye drops and eye ointments to the eye or skin.

    Make it sure that you have read Thermo-Hygrometer manual for medicine temperature control

    Always take all prescriptions, exams and medications in use for all medical appointments. Tell the doctor if you drink tea or use medicinal plants. Keep your prescription with your medications.


    Similarly, never wait for the medicine to run out to provide a new prescription, to buy it or pick it up at the health unit. 

    Store the suspended or old medicines in a separate place from the medicines in use. For this purpose, you can use Thermo-Hygrometer.

    If it’s time for you to discard the medicine, don’t think about the sink, drain or junk. Take it to the nearest health center or pharmacy with a disposal program and give the most correct destination to the medicine, placing it in the appropriate trash. So you take care not only of your health, but also of the environment.

    Keep the medicines at given temperature

    Keep the instructions prescribed by the doctor. Do not skip or accumulate doses. If you are unsure about a drug, talk to a qualified professional and avoid listening to others.

    A medication given to you may not do any good to another person even if they have the same problem. Avoid taking any medication that has not been prescribed specifically for you.

    Self-medication is extremely dangerous and can lead from the worsening of a patient’s condition to more serious consequences.

    Keep the list of medications visible

    Write down what you are taking and the times of each medication. Keep a list with you and another at home, for everyone to see. Furthermore, talk to your doctor or pharmacist, write down your doubts, make a list an

    Store medicines at Right Temperature

    It is very common, in most households, to have at least a small stock of medicines for mild health symptoms. But, considering that medicines can contain harmful substances, it is very important to be careful when storing them at home.
    In addition, temperature and light and humidity conditions interfere with the formula and durability of the remedies. Thus, we have one more reason to be very careful when saving them.

    To help you in this organization and keep you and your family safe, we have prepared 5 tips on how your medicines should be stored. Check out!

    Keep away from heat

    For the good preservation of medicines, heat needs to be avoided. Medicines should be kept below 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Some of them require special conditions, such as cooling, so it is important to read the conservation instructions to keep them at the proper temperature.

    Buy a reliable Thermo-Hygrometer

    To avoid temperature issues, it is essential to keep the medicine storage place always clean and away from dust, dirt and mold. Therefore, it is important to buy Thermo-Hygrometer.