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    HE5201 environment safety monitor for labs


    The HUATO developed HE5201 multifunctional monitor is a multifunctional device targeting the monitoring of power consumption and environmental temperature and humidity for labs.it monitors electric power, noise, temperature, humidity, water leakage and door-entry check. It has built-in RJ45 port. Suitable for the monitoring of lab instruments like various heating appliances, electric machinery, voltage transformer, AC power, etc.

    green-mi.png Features


    • WiFi heat source detection — update: show signal strength, WiFi
      address, mac address, encryption status.
    • Sound detection—update: need to show sound level decibel data.
    • RFID — update: creating a white list for the correspondence of
      name and code.
    • Door-entry management delay alarm when door opens — update: delay
      time and remind voice for door close (female voice to remind: please
      close the door ) can be set in device if needed.
    • Various alarms can be set, monitoring center will send SMS to alarm
      when data value exceeds preset range.
    • Records up to 30,000 readings , data can be save in PDF, Excel etc,


    green-mi.png Structure


    green-mi.png Model list for HE2501
    Model List
    Name Range
    Model HE5201
    Temperature precision ±0.5℃
    Humidity precision ±5%RH
    Temperature measurement range -50~+60℃
    Humidity measurement range 0~100%RH
    Electric power 300~1100 hPa
    Electric power precision ±1%
    Sensor type External RFID module is with 1 meter cable
    Environment nois 35 ~ 130 decibel
    Recording capacity 30,000 readings
    green-mi.png General specifications
    Name Detail
    Model HE5201
    Power supply DC12V
    Measurement range 50 m²
    Sensor Water leakage monitoring, electromagnetic valve
    Humidity measurement range Successively displays temperature,humidity values
    etc, in turn
    Size 217.8x125x35mm
    LCD display size 4.3inch/ resolution 480×272
    Net weight 170g
    Accessories electrode, temperature humidity sensor, 12V
    adapter, WiFi antenna.
    Port RJ45

    green-mi.png Structure

    green-mi.png Application fields

    The energy consumption test of appliances; the energy consumption test of air conditioners; the energy consumption test of lights; the energy consumption test of large sized devices; and for the test of devices in electric power system like power generators and motors,etc. Providing real-time measurement for power, temperature, humidity , noise, etc. With RJ45 port for remote control and measurement.

    green-mi.png  Webpage interface: HiSilicon smart environment monitoring system for labs


    HiSilicon smart labs environment monitoring system” is a basic platform application for the intelligent management of enterprises labs. Its UI is simple and elegant and operation is easy and convenient. The 3 major functions it provides includes: real-time monitoring, data analysis and alarm inquiry.

    haisi It always loads real-time data in data analysis UI, when users click and enter a certain section, it will show the data status of the section, including: power, temperature, humidity, noise, water leakage, etc.

    green-mi.png Webpage interface: HiSilicon smart environment monitoring system for labs

    The data analysis includes 3 major modules: monitoring data, AP heat source, RFID. It shows curve graph in data monitoring UI so users can understand data comprehensively, and then analysis data. Users can check data by time or devices to get correspond data. It shows data in current time in default status.

    haisi3 Alarm inquiry includes 3 major functions : data checking alarm, door entry management alarm, water leakage detection alarm. Select device, time, then click inquiry to get corresponding data. It shows the data of current device in current time in default status. haisi4

    green-mi.png Standard accessories

    Sensor         scene         Water leakage electrode         Electricity meter

                   Sensor               Power adapter                                           Water leakage electrode                           Electricity meter