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    HUATO Milestones
    Development path
    Providing cultural relic protection services for more than 60 museums and establishing the company's leading position in the industry.
    Passed the ISO quality system certification in China; Obtained the dual soft enterprise qualification certification and AAA corporate credit rating; A number of software products obtained software works.
    SuccessfullyWon the project of preventive protection of movable cultural relics in Suzhou museum, with the amount of the first single project exceeding 4 million yuan.Successfully completed the project of temperature and humidity environment monitoring system of Hunan provincial museum 'legendary Italian exhibition of MaWangDui Han tomb', and successfully transmitted the on-site data of Rome Venice exhibition to China.
    In the new version of GSP verification, more than 500 companies have successfully passed the acceptance test of Huato system.
    Huato Company undertook the construction of Sinopharm Holding (Guangzhou) temperature and humidity environmental monitoring system, which played a benchmark role in the promotion of similar projects.
    Huato won the bid for the National Museum of China's 'Removable Cultural Relics Preventive Protection Monitoring System' project. This project is the first system integration project for the national museum since the establishment of Huato and the amount of a single project exceeds 1 million.          
    Huato has become a qualified supplier to Fortune 500 companies such as Huawei, Foxconn and Samsung Electronics.
    Sanjiu Group, Livzon Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen Xinlitai and other well-known enterprises adopt Huatu temperature and humidity monitoring system.
    Shenzhen HUATO is founded.