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    How Does a Humidity Sensor for Data Logger Work?

    How Does a Humidity Sensor for Data Logger Work?

    What is a Data Logger?

    As the name suggests, a data logger is an electronic device used for storing data of various kinds. However, it is an autonomous device. Humidity Sensor for Data Logger evaluates the condition around it and saves the data in internal storage.  

    Humidity Sensor for Data Logger

    Every type of industry uses data loggers for measuring the surrounding conditions. Temperature data loggers are the most common. However, other data loggers that measure voltage, etc., are also in high demand.

    Here, we are going to discuss the data loggers that have a humidity sensor in them. We will discuss how it works and in which ways it is helpful.

    Why Use a Data Logger?

    After learning what it is, let us discuss some advantages of a data logger.

    Practical & Strong

    First of all, they are practical devices, meaning they are simple to operate and understand. Moreover, they are capable of gaining large amounts of data over time efficiently.

    When these large amounts of data are available, they help establish patterns. For instance, predicting the humidity levels of an area using a Humidity Sensor for Data Logger becomes easier.

    They are also solid—no matter what kind of conditions, using data loggers is safe due to their rugged built. You can keep them at a point and collect data as long as the battery keeps powering the device.

    Standalone Devices with Long Lives

    Since their operations can be automatic, constant supervision is not necessary. Collecting data from different timeframes is easy using them and does not require regular input.

    Data loggers are standalone devices. You do not need to connect them to any external device such as a computer to use them. However, you do click them to an external device, but that is beyond the point here.

    Their interface is easy to understand for everyone. You do not need to be a programmer to know how they work. Configuration is all you need to learn, and you are good to go.

    Their low power consumption makes them ideal devices for long-term observation and data calculations. 

    Innovation & Variety

    The variety of Humidity Sensors for Data Logger available means everyone can get their desired device. For instance, a student might need a simple data logger for everyday observations.

    On the other hand, a company or a laboratory might need a complex device. It will require a data logger with high-end features and capabilities such as wireless connectivity.

    Modern data loggers have Wi-Fi data logging. It makes the device capable of uploading the real-time monitored data to the cloud instantly. These features enable a data logger to upload the results and make them available around the world.

    They are versatile and flexible. If you have to measure humidity and measure temperature, you do not need to buy two different data loggers. Both of them are available in a single device from HUATO. 

    Measuring Humidity

    Humidity data loggers are amongst the most widely used data loggers in the world. Usually, both temperature and humidity sensors come together in one data logger. It makes data collection more flexible and holistic.

    Data logger with humidity sensor can measure many factors, including dew point, relative humidity, and absolute concentrations. Let us discuss some technical details about the working of humidity data loggers.


    The purpose of Humidity Sensor for Data Logger is to collect data about conditions that change suddenly or very often. These conditions, humidity, in this case, change slowly. Therefore, data loggers can evaluate it with ease. Although much faster DAQ systems are available, there is a reason why data loggers are still in business.

    They can measure for more extended periods and give reliable measurements too. The sampling rate for a usual data logger is from 1S/s to 100S/channel.

    Input & its Types

    Among industrial data loggers, the voltage of 4-20 mA is standard, which is the case for humidity

    sensors. It is the most common output for sensors across the industry.


    The Channel Count

    A data logger can provide a single or many input channels; the number goes up to 100 in some cases. Most models, however, have four to eight-channel inputs in them. Many data logger applications do not require a large channel count. That is why data loggers with large channel counts do not come into large-scale usage.


    The non-volatile memory inside a data logger acts as a store for whatever data the sensor receives from its surroundings. The transfer of this data later to computers allows its analysis. Since data loggers do not record vast amounts of data, their storage is in kilobytes or megabytes.

    However, modern data loggers are a bit different. They allow the usage of USB flash drives too. It means you can expand the storage capacity of your data logger according to your needs and requirements. The external sources are available for offloading data for analyzing it later.

    The humidity sensor by HUATO is capable of recording 43000 readings. Live streaming in many data loggers is also available achieved with the help of Wi-Fi, USB, Ethernet, etc.

    Powering it up

    Humidity Sensor for Data Logger is a power-efficient device. By using less power, it can last a long time. Usually, data loggers have a battery inside them, which powers them continuously. However, batteries have their limitations too.

    Sometimes, data loggers have to perform long sessions of recording data. In such cases, an external power source becomes a necessity. The power source of small data loggers is DC. On the other side, large data loggers require an AC power source to keep running.

    Humidity Sensor for Data Logger

    Take Away 

    When it comes to purchasing a data logger, you have to consider a number of things. Among these factors, the most important one is the supplier. Huato is among the leading companies in the industry. They have been designing and developing products that meet the highest industry standards. 

    Each and every piece goes through rigorous testing, thus ensuring quality. What more is that these products are affordable. 

    In order to learn more, you can visit our website.