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    HE24R Real Time 433MHz Real Time Tomonitor System Solution
    Product introduction
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    HE24R Wireless Temperature And Humidity Recorder


    HE24R temperature and humidity data logger is independently designed, developed and produced by HUATO company. It has the characteristics of LCD display, beautiful appearance, small size, low energy consumption and good consistency. The product also has the function of wireless transmission, users can monitor the temperature and humidity environment remotely through the supporting monitoring software.

    green-mi.png Technical Specifications for HE24R


    • Small size, delicate with simple operation and reliable performance.
    • Automatic sleep, Long battery life..
    • 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery can be fully charged in four
    • Single charge is up to 60 days of battery life (25 ℃ environment
      temperature, sampling interval 60 seconds, recording interval 60
    • Display battery quantity, date, time, temperature value, humidity
      value, record state simultaneously.
    • Sound & Light alarm if user-defined max/min values exceed.
    • Wireless transmission with good penetration effect, remote
      monitoring of temperature and humidity environment.
    HE24R (Exteranl single temperature sensor)
    HE24R (Exteranl single temperature sensor)
    HE24R (External dual temperature sensors)
    HE24R (External dual temperature sensors)

    Model List
    Model HE24R
    Temperature Measurement Range -20~+50℃
    Humidity Measurement Range 0~100%RH
    Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
    Humidity Accuracy ±5%RH
    Temperature Resolution 0.1℃/℉
    Humidity Resolution 0.1%RH
    Automatic Record Capacity 8,600
    Logging interval 60s~24hours
    Sample interval 10s-240s
    Battery 3.7v rechargeable lithium ion battery
    Dimensions 74mm*44mm*16mm
    remote communication Wireless communication, 433MHz (HE24R)
    Standard Accessories Power adapter, user manual, software


    green-mi.png 433M to RJ45 Wireless Relay:
    • It can be used as a relay/gateway at the same time to receive
      wireless signals transmitted by the wireless temperature and
      humidity recorder.
    • 115200BPS Wireless transmission rate.
    • 64 connectable wireless recording terminals.
    • 15 number of supported frequency bands.
    • Wireless interface: Zigbee self-level network automatically finds
      the optimal link transmission data.
    • Built-in RJ45 interface to transmit received wireless data from the
      LAN to the server.
    • Power supply: 12V DC power supply.
    • Wall-mounted design.
    green-mi.png HE2508 SMS Alarm Specification Parameters
    • The RS232/SIM interface has built-in 15KVESD protection.
    • 12V DC power supply.
    • 64 number of connectable wireless recording terminals.
    • Support mobile and Unicom mobile phone cards.
    • GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz quad-band.
    • The system will send an alarm message to the user via HE2508.
    green-mi.png Wireless Monitoring System For Refrigerator And Indoor Environments
    • View real-time/historic data via any authorized PC in LAN.
    • It’t OK to open refrigerator for a while, Alertor will be triggered only
      when data value exceeds settings.
    • Alarm times can be limited to avoid frequent alarm, support fault
      recovery SMS.
    • Timing SMS: send SMS to report system status everyday.

    green-mi.png Environmental Monitoring System

    This environmental monitoring system consist of 3 parts: the device layer

    control layer and user layer. User layer : including any authorized computers in this system. These devices is allowed to access the real-time running information and historic data of this system after installed the ToClient software. Working principle: all data is stored in the database of control layer(control server). Users can view the real-time/stored data via LAN/Internet. When the monitoring data value exceeds settings set by user, this software will also play alarm sound or send email/SMS to alarm users.

    Control layer: the ToMonitor runs on a server, it writes all real-time data collecting form end devices to SQL database, it triggers the alarm function when data value exceeds settings.

    Device layer: all the high precision loggers records temperature, humidity and other data automatically, then sends the data to ToMonitor for processing. With battery, our loggers continually records data when the server is shutdown or there’s line faults, so the data will not be lost.

    Environmental Monitoring System

    The device layer includes temperature & humidity data logger and wireless repeater, the function of this layer is to collect, record and upload temperature & humidity data . The data logger collects and records temperature & humidity data from surrounding environment and upload it to a server via wireless repeater.

    ToMonitor is server software, it stores data uploaded from data loggers and displays it on the software. Users can set temperature and humidity value range for each devices, when the value exceeds limits, the software will alarm user immediately.

    ToClient is the client, user can access server via this software to view real-time/recorded dtata of each temperature & humidity data logger.

    green-mi.png Analyzed Software interface

    Analyzed Software interface 1
    Analyzed Software interface 2

    green-mi.png Applications

    Widely appiled in agriculture, forestry, geology, construction, medicine, cold storage and other industries such as temperature and humidity detection.



    Cold storage

    Cold storage

    Medicine Research

    Medicine Research



    green-mi.png The Standard Accessories

    USB         Software + User manual

                  USB                                          Software + User manual