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    Finding the Best Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

    Finding the Best Humidity and Temperature Data Logger


    Understanding Humidity and Temperature Data Logger is important. The data logger is the term we use to refer to the electronic devices that record various types of data in electronic form over a period of time, and it does so through built-in sensors in them. They are usually small and battery-powered; they are portable and equipped with a microprocessor, internal memory for data storage, and sensors. Data loggers can accept many different types of inputs, and some data loggers are even multi-input data loggers, which receive more than one type of input.

    An example of such data loggers is the Temperature and humidity data loggers. Use the Temperature and humidity data loggers to measure extremely high and extremely low temperatures and liquid temperatures. They can also collect data on the relative humidity, dew point, and water vapor concentration. As the data loggers can monitor different types of inputs and multiple inputs like temperature and humidity, they are very useful in many different applications.

    The Temperature and humidity data loggers

    The Temperature and humidity data loggers measure data at marked intervals of time. The recorded or measured data is then stored in integrated data memory. A good data logger measures data at high accuracy. It is important to measure the results multiple times for more accuracy. The data loggers also have a great battery life or rechargeable battery, and many data loggers also have a built-in USB, Bluetooth, wireless, or Wi-Fi. Having Wi-Fi can be cost-saving, time-saving, and it allows you to use it remotely.

    With such a variety of features and ranges available in the Temperature and humidity data loggers in the market, they can be suitable for various types of applications. The most common applications of these Temperature and humidity data loggers are calibration rooms, greenhouses, warehouses, shipment monitoring, laboratory and life science applications, and many more. Data loggers with excellent features, including the ability to analyze historical data, view real-time data, and send alerts or alarms when temperature or humidity levels exceed configured thresholds, are available in the market today, thanks to the advancement in the technology in today’s era.

    What are the key features you should look for in Temperature and humidity data loggers?

    • The Temperature and humidity data loggers should be easy to operate and easy to maintain.
    • They should have a wide range for temperature measurements and a wide range for humidity measurements for record purpose.
    • The data loggers should have a more significant memory to record and store a larger number of data.

    Moreover, they should have high sensitivity probes thus allowing accurate recording of the data. 

    • They should preferably be waterproof and dustproof so that they don’t get affected by natural happenings.
    • They should have a built-in Multi-Alarms function, with light or sound alarm, screen display for any alert. Also, the LED flashlight indicator should inform when the limit exceeds.
    • Also, they should have a large LED screen to make it easier and more convenient to read the displayed information, such as the temperature recordings and humidity recordings, the alarm status, and others.
    • They should have a long-lasting battery life or rechargeable battery so that the batteries don’t die on you quickly.
    • Sensors should be of good quality so they can last longer and record accurate data

    HUATO Data Loggers 

    Here at HUATO, the Data loggers that are manufactured are high quality. They record mainly temperature and humidity. A wide range of applications uses them for example, you would see them in laboratories, factories, refrigerators, warehouses, pharmacies, households, cold-chain transportation, etc. They come with various levels of high precisions and with built-in sound and light alarming capabilities.

    The data loggers come with LCD displays, and they have elegant appearances as well as compact designs. They are waterproof and dustproof, and they come with a battery indicator as well as a USB interface. The USB interface will allow you to download the collected data and keep a record of it.

    The HUATO Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers are very precise and accurate. They have imported high-quality sensors, which ensure high quality and stability in your data logger. Most of them have a high memory of up to 43000 readings. They are very popular, and effective. 

    Some of the Temperature and humidity data loggers with features as mentioned above from HUATO are listed below;

    A2000-ET Sound & Light Alarm Hygro-thermometer

    It comes with an LCD screen that displays temperature, humidity, and time and battery status. Also, it has a built-in Sound and light alarm that goes off when the limits exceed. It comes with the calibration function by key.

    It Locks and unlocks through a button that prevents misoperation and protects the field data. You can use external sensors in high temperature or high humidity environments. It can be bought with an external buzzer as well, which is an optional accessory. You can place it on a Desktop or you can also mount it on a wall.

    HE173 / HE174 Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    It comes with a Switchable option for °C or °F with an LCD Display screen. You can connect the data logger to the PC through a USB interface. Thus making it possible for you to save records in different formats ensuring data safety. 

    Humidity and Temperature Data Logger

    Also, it is waterproof and dustproof, Standard and Moisture and Dust resistant. It has original sensors imported from the USA that are highly sensitive sensors with fast response and high accuracy. Memory for 43000 readings and built-in Light alarm with LED Light Flash When Limits are Exceeded. It has an ultra-low energy consumption, 1/2AA 3.6V Lithium Battery support.

    Other similar Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers from HUATO

    S100-EX Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    S500-TH Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

    HE183 Waterproof Temperature Humidity Data Logger

    HUATO’s customers are all over the world. Products are continuously exported to the United States, Canada and Australia, Brazil, Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Russia, Italy, Turkey, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries and regions of the world.

    Humidity and Temperature Data Logger