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    What are different types of temperature humidity data logger?

    What are different types of temperature humidity data logger?

    What is a temperature humidity data logger used for?

    temperature humidity data logger records temperature and humidity. This device gives information in the form of digital data. Furthermore, you can view, retrieve, and evaluate after the recording has been done.

    How data loggers are different from DAQ?

    These are different in the way that they need no connection to a network or computer to store. They store data in nonvolatile memory. On contrary, DHQ requires a connection to a PC or any hard disk drive to store data.      

    How do we use data loggers in educational institutes?

    In schools, data loggers record data, using devices, over time. These are best for science subjects especially for practical. Moreover, these loggers note changes in temperature and humidity. These also measures rising or falling levels of light or noise.               

    Types of temperature humidity data logger

    Here are the basic types of these data loggers.

    USB type with LCD and LED alarm indicator

    However, this kind of data logger records temperature and humidity. Actually, the range of measurement is typically -40 to +80 degree centigrade. Furthermore, various memory capacities are available from 8000 readings up to 128000 readings.


    In general, a memory capacity of 8000 readings implies that it will record for 55 days. We can program the sampling rate.

    Mode of data record

    Four LEDs will indicate whether the temperature or humidity has exceeded the programmed limit. For downloading the data, free software has to be installed. 

    Single-use and multi-use models will be available. Single models are best for transportation. In fact, you may not need the data logger to return after the transportation.

    USB type temperature data logger with LCD

    The main difference from the previous data logger is that you may generate reports without any software. The temperature humidity data logger is much simple. You can download data simply by inserting it into a USB port of your computer.

    Mode of data 

    The pdf report will indicate a graph and individual readings along with a summary. Single-use and multiuse models are available.

    What is temperature data logger with LED alarm display

    This is used for single-use applications especially for recording temperature during transportation of medicine, food, vegetables, etc. Where the data is to be downloaded at the receiving end and you may not want the data logger to be returned.

    Mode of data

    These are the simplest types of data loggers and don’t need any software for downloading the recorded data. The data is automatically generated in pdf, excel, and text formats just by inserting it into any USB port. The pdf report will have a simple graph and every recorded data.


    There are five LED indicators on the temperature humidity data logger which will indicate whether the temperature exceeded the programmed upper or lower limits. One model includes a calibration report in itself and is part of the pdf report which is automatically generated.

    High-temperature data loggers for industrial and food applications

     These are for industrial applications and the food segment. You can find variety of such loggers in multiple industries.

    Real-time monitoring and data logging over the internet with a phone call, email, and SMS alerts

    These types of data loggers collect data frequently at programmed intervals. Moreover, they can transmit through a wired or wireless connection to a centralized server or internet-based server.

    Transmission of data

    In a wireless system, numerous sensors work. A receiver will transmit the data to the server or internet. The data will be present to view over the internet. You can also connect multiple locations and facilities to the same system.


    Through different options, it is also possible to generate phone calls, email, and SMS alerts in case the temperature or humidity goes above programmed limits.

    How does temperature humidity data logger work?

    These data loggers measure the temperature and humidity of the environment in many ways. Commonly, these loggers use sensors to work for better results.

    Range of data loggers

    These loggers have a very large field to use in. However, freezer storage, transportation, food processing, restaurants, etc. are its field. These are also best for pharmaceutical companies and labs. 

    Is data logger useful for the safety of COVID-19 vaccines?

    Temperature humidity data logger is fruitful for the protection of COVID-19. Because this vaccine needs a specific temperature and humidity level so these loggers help to maintain these conditions. This vaccine remains safe for 30 days but in particular conditions.

    What are main characteristics of a temperature humidity data logger?

    There are many features in these loggers. Some of them are here.

    • Firstly, they provide an accurate reading of the temperature and humidity of vaccines.
    • Secondly, they tell us that for how much time the vaccine remained out of the recommended range.
    • Thirdly, these loggers give you a facility to download the recorded data.
    • Fourthly, these temperature humidity data loggerscan store records for up to three years.
    • Lastly, data loggers also provide the user the facility of alarms.

    Data logger are real time money saving option

    Here are some reasons due to which you can save money and time by using data loggers.

    Stand-alone operation

    It provides records independently. It saves many other expenses to read and write the values.

    Reduce errors

    These loggers measure and record data electronically that’s why there is no chance of errors. Due to error-free ability, there is no need for retesting and reworking.

    Easy to analyze

    Due to electronic data, it’s very easy to analyze because you can use this data on excels. That’s why analysis helps to reduce the expenses of material and processing. So temperature humidity data logger is the best option.