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    How do cold chain usb data loggers protect cold storage facility?

    How do cold chain usb data loggers protect cold storage facility?

    Tips to maintain the Environmental Hygiene of Cold Chain Storage

    The quality of the food offered to the consumer depends on how you use Cold Chain USB Data Loggers, the origin of the goods, the physical conditions of the kitchen, among other extremely important processes. But how is the Environmental Hygiene in your kitchen?

     Hygiene is the most effective way to guarantee security to the final consumer and maintain the credibility of your business. This is how it is guaranteed in the face of the standards required by the Health Surveillance. Having everything up to date you have no more reason to worry.

    Why you need cold chain USB data loggers?

    The Environmental Hygiene of your kitchen deserves special attention. And we should keep watching it. With it you can prevent the contamination of food, caused by pathogenic microorganisms, that is, harmful to health and causing diseases. 

    We must adapt cold chain USB data loggers techniques to the conditions of your establishment. We have prepared five tips that will change the quality of your enterprise.

    1 – Adequate location

    Let’s start with your physical structure. You need to know if your location is suitable for your cold chain Food Business and for handling food. The place, above all, needs to be in the zoning allowed by the city hall, along with the business license. Do you want to know more about it? See all about the rules of Health Surveillance. 

    2 – Cleaning and Disinfection

    Cleaning must come first from disinfection. Cleaning involves removing dirt by mechanical action. Disinfection, on the other hand, is the process of eliminating microorganisms through the use of specific chemicals, such as chlorinated or alcohol-based products. 

    We must not forget to clean the utensils. And do not think that the practice is good to carry out only in the exposed and external areas of the cold chain. Moreover, cleaning should involve cabinets, freezers, stoves, hoods, among others. Similarly, if you have a quality cold chain USB data loggers installation, you can maintain temperature.

    3 – Trash

    Some insects or animals such as rats, cockroaches and mosquitoes arise with the accumulation of garbage. Moreover, they tend to look for this environment in search of food. That is why the cleaning of internal environments and disinfection keeps them away from your kitchen. 

    Do not forget to put garbage in bin. Moreover, make it sure that you are discarding it on daily basis in the appropriate place for collection.

    4 – Check Water quality with cold chain USB data loggers

    Did you know that drinking water is very important to avoid contaminating your environment, and especially food? It is part of the Environmental Hygiene of your kitchen and has direct connection with the health of consumers. Clean the water tank every six months, and certify the quality of this water through laboratory tests.

    5 – Hire the service of a specialized adviser

    A specialized cold chain USB data loggers consultancy for the development and monitoring of good practices is essential for the proper functioning of your Gastronomic Business. Enlightenment among people who deal directly with food, hygiene and food handling contributes to the growth of your business in a very significant way.

     Avoid contamination, carry out maintenance, and follow a quality standard. Hygiene always comes first. 

    Reasons for storing food properly

    Many people may have doubts about why to properly store food. Each type of food requires a different type of storage.

    This also varies according to the conservation characteristics and the estimate of when it will be consumed.


    To find out the benefits of storing food properly, here are a few reasons:

    • Improves food preservation
    • Extends the predisposition time for consumption
    • Prevents contamination by microorganisms
    • Prevents food poisoning
    • Moreover, it prevents waste
    • Generates savings

    How to properly store food in cold chain department?

    In this topic, we will give you some tips on how to properly store food.

    Vegetables and legumes

     Lettuce, kale, arugula and mint leaves are somewhat sensitive and spoil or wilt more easily.

    So, in order for them to last longer in the refrigerator, it is important to use cold chain USB data loggers. Moreover, it will help you to record temperature of everything. .

     It is also important that they are stored in the bottom of the refrigerator.

    Vegetables, on the other hand, may vary as to whether or not they need to be stored in the refrigerator. For example, the potato can be left out, but in the case of tomatoes it cannot.

    Other vegetables that can spoil quickly if they stay out of the refrigerator are carrots and broccoli.

    How to keep fruit fresh in cold chain with cold chain USB data loggers?

     The ideal for most fruits is that they are kept at room temperature. However, some need to be refrigerated, such as grapes, papayas and watermelons.

    In addition, whenever you cut the fruit you need to keep it in the refrigerator, so as not to attract insects or micro-organisms. Thus, it will be preserved for a longer time.

    In order to properly store food, fruits, as well as vegetables and legumes, must be stored in the bottom of the refrigerator.

    Here, generally, temperatures are not as low as at the top.

    In addition, some foods, such as bananas, release substances that accelerate ripening. Then, leave it in a separate package.

    Beef storage with the help of cold chain USB data loggers

     We should store the meat in the freezer in order not to spoil. Similarly, the maximum time she can stay in the refrigerator is 48 hours. In the freezer, it is preserved for months.

    Yogurts and similar

     We should store foods such as yogurt, milk, curd and cheese on top of the refrigerator to be properly preserved.

    Dried food

     Dry foods such as crackers, starch, flour, sugar, rice, flour and grain can be stored at room temperature without problems.


    Cold chain USB data loggers are very useful in every filed. If you own a cold storage business, this is the perfect device you need to install in your storage facility.