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    How can 16 channel temperature data logger connector help in food preservation?

    How can 16 channel temperature data logger connector help in food preservation?

    Temperature data logger: practical helpers for monitoring the temperature

    How does 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector help in food security?

      In the process of food processing and storage, excessive temperature and humidity can directly lead to food deterioration. So keep track of where the food is in time it is very important that the environment of the country is under food safety conditions. Similarly, you can fix this problem by installing 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector.

    How does data logger help in keeping food temperature good?

    If too low or too high to make the food taste becomes poor lower quality. Using 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector and humidity recorder to simplify your work will also save costs, and objectively and truly reflect the recording process.

    Description of data loggers:

    Data loggers companies design these tools to measure various parameters of:

    • Temperature
    • Humidity
    • atmospheric pressure and shock load

    Generally, it comes with automatic storage of the results in the internal memory. To perform many technological processes, it is necessary to observe a special temperature regime. Data collection carries when the logger is connected to a PC.

    What are the major 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector industries?

    Companies that have been using temperature and humidity loggers for a long time include pharmaceutical companies, companies related to:

    • medicine
    • dairy products

    It is to reduce the risk when transporting temperature-dependent products. Currently, all large retail chains, purchasing temperature-dependent products, require suppliers to send goods with 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector. Moreover, small retail chains began to adhere to a similar practice of their own free will. 

    Why we use 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector?

    The most widespread are data loggers for monitoring temperature, temperature and humidity parameters of the environment, as well as other characteristics. 

    They are common in warehouses, production and other premises, cargo compartments of vehicles, etc.. Furthermore, we also use them for certain products, and materials. Similarly, it is important to read the conditions of manufacture, storage and operation specified by the technological requirements.

    Applications of 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector:

    1. Control of temperature and humidity during storage and transportation (registration of conditions for the carriage of goods):
      • food raw materials and products;
      • Similarly, wood products: parquet, laminate, plywood, fiberboard, chipboard, joinery;
      • paper and paper products;
      • vaccines, drugs, blood, strains;
      • Moreover, ammunition, explosives;
      • fabrics;

    Control of the temperature and humidity of the mode in production:

    • electronic components and electronics products;
    • Furthermore, products made of cotton, wool, artificial fiber;
    • polymeric materials for the manufacture of plastics;
    • explosives;
    • In addition, freezing and defrosting meat products;
    • bakery products (proofers);
    • vegetable products;

    Climate control in:

    • libraries, museums, depositories;
    • in rented premises;
    • Subsequently, in public transport (trains, buses, trams, trolleybuses).

    Control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (setting and regulation of the heating system):

    • installation organizations when setting up systems;
    • sanitary and epidemiological stations;
    • Housing department;
    • customers;
    1. Monitoring of operating conditions:
      • electric motors;
      • rented cars;
      • residential and non-residential premises;

    How can you monitor food using data loggers?

    From production to consumption, foods are exposed to various conditions that can affect the original flavor and aroma.

     However, in addition to the taste of food products, other aspects contribute to having a different perception of taste than what we eat. In this situation, you can think about installing 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector.


    We are talking about factors like texture, color and even the design of the packages or the materials with which they are made. Scientific studies prove this claim. Therefore, the food industries must keep an eye on these and other points if they are to win the preference of consumers.

    Importance of 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector for food preservation

    Basically, the quest to keep food items preserved for a long time is an old one. To achieve this feat, in the 19th century, data logger manufacturers develop awesome devices. In this way, it paved the way for other ways to extend the useful life of products to be created.

    Today, we know that adequate and quality 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connectors is essential for the preservation of food and its taste. After all, they are subject to odors from:

    • printing inks;
    • cleaning materials;
    • Moreover, transportation fuel;
    • Storage environment, etc.

    Such odors can penetrate the packaging and reach the food, affecting not only its quality, but also the shelf life. In addition, fatty products, for example, retain the aroma and taste for longer, but absorb external odors more easily.

    Ensure Safety Measures too

    In this sense, packaging represents an effective barrier against external aromas, as they preserve food properties and guarantee an increase in shelf life. Consequently, they enable the consumption of healthy and tasty foods.

    Perception of flavor

    Over time, 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connector  is no longer just a solution for conserving products, but also has the important function of providing a great sensory experience when consuming it. The taste goes beyond the sense of taste, considering that the taste of the food does not end with itself.

    We are talking about perception of taste. Moreover, it is nothing more than everything that contributes to having a certain experience when tasting a food. Factors such as texture, color, smell, packaging design and even crispness affect how we perceive the taste of what we consume.

    Sensory aspects associated with 16 Channel Temperature Data Logger Connectors 

    Eating is one of the most multisensory actions of the human being. Charles Spence, professor of experimental psychology at the University of Oxford, looked into this aspect. It studies how our brain connects the senses to achieve a more coherent perception of reality.

    According to Spence, in most cases, at least half of the consumption experience is related to senses such as sound, texture and vision. Below, we talk about some of the main factors that interfere with the perception of what we eat. Look!