S400W Wireless Zigbee Real-Time Monitor System Solution


S400W wireless temperature and humidity recorder is high speed, intelligent temperature and humidity recorder designed by the China map. The instrument adopts wireless data transmission to collect and record the temperature and humidity data. It comes with a record memory, can store 8192 sets of data, can realize the real-time remote monitoring of warehouse, laboratory, refrigerator, cold storage environment, the data transmission of 2.4G wireless network, no wiring, simple operation, reliable performance.

Compared with the traditional temperature and humidity recorder, the wireless temperature and humidity recorder can meet the fast working speed. The most important thing is that in 24 hours unattended environment can achieve remote real-time monitoring. Just put a receiver in the office, through the 2.4G wireless network and monitoring software, you can easily sit in the office to see clearly check the changes of temperature and humidity in each environment, real-time monitoring at the same time, also can query history, temperature and humidity exceed the standard, the server will send the alarm, and the alarm message received, in order to work personnel to make timely treatment. Wireless temperature and humidity recorder is very suitable for fixed point temperature and humidity monitoring and recording.


Technical Specifications for S400W

  • con Zigbee 2.4GHz wireless technology,built-in 2.4G wireless antenna.
  • con Wireless transmission rate : 115200BPS.
  • con Interface : Zigbee+ USB
  • con Up to 100 meters transmission range(line of sight) ,maximum 32 data loggers to on base station.
  • con Recording protection: recording function will stop when battery is low, but recording values can be saved forever safely.
  • con Repeater available to extend transmission range.
  • con Logger memory automatically downloaded,real time monitoring on your computer.
  • con Log interval : can be set from 2 seconds to 24 hours.
  • S500-EX-400

    (External temperature humidity sensor)

  • S400-ET

    (Exteranl single temperature sensor)

  • S400-EK-400

    (External thermocouple sensor)


Model list
Model S400W-TH S400W-EX S400W-ET S400W-DT S400W-EK
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.2℃
Humidity Accuracy ±3%RH /
Temperature Measurement Range -20~+70℃ -40~+85℃ -100~+100℃
Humidity Range 0~100%RH /
Sensor type Internal temperaute humidity sensor External temperaute humidity sensor with 3 meters cable External single temperaute sensor with 3 meters cable External dual temperaute sensor with 3 meters cable External thermocouple sensor with 1 meter cable
Resolution 0.1°C / 0.1%RH 0.1°C
Automatic Record Capacity 8192
Battery 1.5V AA battery*4
Logging rate 2s to 24 hours
Dimensions 90mm * 87mm * 44mm
Standard Accessories Battery, user manual

Technical Specifications for HE2400 Wireless Base Station(Transmission Relay)

  • con Wireless transmission rate: 115200BPS.
  • con Wireless data logger terminal units available: 32 units.
  • con requency number supported : 15 Bands.
  • con Interface : Zigbee + RJ45, can be connected directly to the enternet LAN of enterprise
  • con IP address : Fixed IP
  • con It will connect several data packets into one packet when receive data packet from multiple wireless data loggers and send to the ToMonitor system
  • con Relay configuration rules: each relay has one unique ID to assure no conflict, every relay work in different band.

Technical Specifications for HE2508 GSM/SMS alarm modem

  • con RS232/SIM interfact, built-in 15KVESD protection.
  • con 12VDC adapter
  • con Frequency range: GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz.
  • con If user defined max/min value are exceeded , System will System through the HE2508 to send alarm messages to the user
  • con The largest number of alarm & frequency can be set, like 5 minutes send a message or 10 minutes send a alarm message.
  • con When the temperature or humidity returns to normal range, system will send the SMS with good news inform the user that the data is normal.

Wireless monitor Solution


Software Features:

  • conReal time data.
  • conEasy setup on special software.
  • con ToMonitor software:
    Uploading the data automatically according to the user’s setup interval and display the whole real time data of temperature & Humidity on the ToMonitor software.All the setups can be done through the ToMonitor software such as refresh interval, Logging interval,alarm limit,GSM alarm ect. 1
  • conToClient software:
    The history data can be searched by the ToClient software. The history data can be downloaded as BMP graph, EXCEL, PDF. 2


Widely applied in laboratory fields, food industry, cold storage,servier room, refrigerator, medical industry,pharmaceutical fields, electrical industry, warehouse and agricultural etc.

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Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • dianchi


  • dianchi

    User manual

Optional accessories

1.AC-DC adapter

1. Extenal sensor cable : with 5m,10m,15m, 20m, 25m .

Optional funcions

1. GSM alarm function: HE2508 GSM(SMS) alarm modem

2. Power-off alarm function: S500-GSM

3. Enthenet sound & light alarm function: A05 device


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