S500 series TCP/IP(RJ45) Real-Time Monitor System Solution


S500-RJ45 real time monitoring system based on TCP/IP protocol, data transfer using RJ45 Ethernet communication interface, with a single temperature humidity recorder for acquisition, at the same time on a large area of a plurality of temperature and humidity monitoring points, monitoring and management of records, is the automatic monitoring system of a set of 24 hours of uninterrupted real-time monitoring.

This system has powerful monitoring function, integrated all data to a PC server, system monitoring software for data storage and analysis, can print historical data and graphs. When the equipment data exceeds the upper limit or lower limit value, the system alarms in serveral ways: enternet sound and light alarm , GSM( SMS) alarm, email alarm ,ect. The instrument itself has the data storage function, support power resume, when the PC server monitoring software is closed, the external power supply failure, recorder by automatic battery data recorded in the instrument, when the PC server or external power supply return to normal, data stored in the instrument will be uploaded to the the PC server, to ensure data integrity.



  • con Upload data through ethernet to PC service.
  • con Automatic record function,memory for 43000 readings.
  • con Freely selectable measurement cycle from 2 second to 24 hour.
  • con Built-in sound & Light alarm ,device will alarm when user-defined limits are exceeded.
  • con 9V battery/ 12VDC adapter of Power supplies.
  • con Simple operation and can be placed on desk or mounted on wall.
  • con Max and min display function.
  • con Manual deviation calibration.
  • con Dimensions:135mm * 124mm * 35mm(5.31"*4.88"*1.37inch)
  • con LCD size : 88mm*55mm(3.46"*2.16")
  • S500-EX-RJ45
    (External temperature & humidity sensor)

  • S500-ET-RJ45
    (External single temperature sensor)

  • S500-DT-RJ45
    (External dual temperature sensors)

  • S500-TH-RJ45
    Front Side

  • S500-TH-RJ45
    Bottom Side

  • S500-TH-RJ45
    Back Side


Model list
Model Sensor type Measureing Range Accuracy Record Capacity Resolution Weight
S500-TH-RJ45 Internal temperature &humidity sensor -20~70℃/0~100%RH ±0.5℃/±5%RH 4,3000 0.1°C / 0.1%RH 380g
S500-EX-RJ45 External temperature &humidity sensor -40~85℃/0~100%RH ±0.5℃/±5%RH 0.1°C / 0.1%RH
S500-ET-RJ45 Single external temperature sensor -40~+85℃ ±0.5℃ 0.1°C
S500-DT-RJ45 Dual external temperature sensor -40~+85℃ ±0.5℃ 0.1°C
S520-TH-RJ45 Internal temperature &humidity sensor -20~70℃/0~100%RH ±0.3℃/±3%RH 0.1°C / 0.1%RH
S520-EX-RJ45 External temperature &humidity sensor -40~85℃/0~100%RH ±0.3℃/±3%RH 0.1°C / 0.1%RH
S580-TH-RJ45 Internal temperature &humidity sensor -20~70℃/0~100%RH ±0.2℃/±2%RH 8,6000 0.1°C / 0.1%RH
S580-EX-RJ45 External temperature &humidity sensor -40~85℃/0~100%RH ±0.2℃/±2%RH 0.1°C / 0.1%RH

Software Features

  • conReal time data uploading over LAN
  • conEasy setup on special software via LAN
  • conRemote setup via internet
  • conToMonitor software:
    Uploading the data automatically according to the users’setup interval and display the whole real time data of temperature & humidity on the ToMonitor software. All the setups can be done through the ToMonitor software such as refresh interval, Logging interval,alarm limit,GSM alarm, Email alarm ect. 1
  • conToClient software:
    The history data can be searched by the ToClient software. The history data can be downloaded as BMP graph, EXCEL, TXT. 2

S500-RJ45 Network Topology


GSM Alarm features

  • conIf user defined max/min value are exceeded , system will send SMS to user’s mobile phone.
  • conThe file:Largest number of alarm & frequency can be set, like 5 minutes send a message or 10 minutes send a alarm message.
  • conWhen the temperature or humidity returns to normal range, system will send the SMS with good news the user that the data is normal.

S500-GSM SMS Power off alarm features

  • conMonitor DC power, if the power off, sound & light alarms and SMS alarm will be issued.
  • conSMS alarm could be send to 3 different mobile phone number .
  • conDuring the power off, the machine using the 9V battery.
  • conIf power is restored, the instrument will also send a reminder message.


Widely applied in Gene library, hospital, CDC, blood bank,laboratory fields, food industry, medical industry,pharmaceutical fields, electrical industry, environmental protection,warehouse and agricultural etc.

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Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • dianchi


  • 软件光盘

    Disc: Software + User Manual

Optional accessories

1.AC-DC adapter

1. Extenal sensor cable : with 5m,10m,15m, 20m, 25m .

Optional funcions

1. GSM alarm function: HE2508 GSM(SMS) alarm modem

2. Power-off alarm function: S500-GSM

3. Enthenet sound & light alarm function: A05 device


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