S220 Multi-channel Handheld Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger


S220-T2/S220-T8 thermocouple temperature data logger is a kind of high precision instrument, developed and manufacturerd by HUATO company, which have pass all strict calibrations and professional testing via FLUKE instrument. Support 8 types thermocouples( K,J,E,T,R,S,N ,B), including thermocouple temperature compensation function and can measure temperature from -200 to 1800℃.



  • con Large LCD display 2 channels / 8 channels data.
  • con Support 8 types thermocouple:K,J,E,T,R,S,N , B,Wide variety of interchangeable Thermocouple Probes.
  • con Switchable °C or °F with LCD Display.
  • con Download collected data through USB interface.
  • con Memory for 86000 readings.
  • con Freely selectable measurement cycle from 2 second to 24 hour.
  • con Professional software for analysis.
  • S220-T2

    (Two channels)

  • A220-T2-背面


  • A220-T2-背面



Thermo-hygrometer Model list
Model S220-T2 S220-T8
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃±5‰
Temperature Measurement Range -200~+1800℃
Sensor type External thermocouple
Channel 2 8
Resolution 0.1°C
Automatic Recording Capacity 8,6000
Log Interval 2s~24h
Weight 320g
Battery 2 months
Weight 9V Block Battery *1
Dimensions 158mm * 95mm * 35mm 202mm * 165mm * 58mm
LCD size 65mm*53mm 79mm*50mm
Accessories Battery, user manual,USB cable,carry case, software

Oven Temperature Data Logger Selection

  • con The 2.4G wireless network ensures the data that can be transmitted normally in the mobile Unicom signal shielding environment.
  • con Line transmission rate: 115200BPS, transmission distance: 100~300 meters.
  • con Recording, operating temperature range: -100 ° C ~ 250 ° C.
  • con Accuracy: Temperature ±1 °C ± 5‰.
  • con LCD resolution: Temperature 0.1 °C.
  • con Recording capacity: 4,3000 groups, support online download.
  • con Support for power failure. Ensure the data is remain for 24 hours.
  • con Adopt imported sensors from the United States, high precision and sensitive reaction speed.
  • con Power: Built-in 1 9V square battery, can be powered by another 9V DC power supply.
  • con Used in ovens , freezers, etc.
  • con Pass the calibration, testing and certification of Shenzhen Metrology Institute, China Measurement (CTI) and other levels of authority .

Wireless Data Receiving Base Station

  • con Zigbee to RJ45 wireless relay.
  • con Can be used as a relay/gateway to accept wireless signals sent by the wireless temperature data logger simultaneously.
  • con 115200 wireless transmission rate.
  • con 64 wireless recorder terminals can be connected.
  • con 15 number of supported frequency bands.
  • con Wireless interface: Zigbee ad hoc network, automatically find the optimal link transmission to the server.
  • con Power supply mode: 12VDC power adapter.
  • con Wall mounted design.

Technical Specifications For HE2508 GSM/SMS Alarm Modem

  • con The RS232/SIM interface has built-in 15KVESD protection.
  • con 12V DC power supply.
  • con 64 number of connectable wireless recording terminals.
  • con Support mobile and Unicom mobile phone cards.
  • con GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz quad-band.
  • con The system will send an alarm message to the user via HE2508.

Oven Monitoring And Early Warning System Architecture

  • con In the solid crystal oven area, the oven temperature is monitored in real time and device alarm automatically when exceeded.
  • con In the glue oven area, the oven temperature is monitored in real time and device alarm automatically when exceeded.
  • con SMS alarm, when the temperature exceeds the standard, SMS alarm, send text message to inform the user.
  • con Sound and light alarm,On-site alarm when the temperature exceeds the standard.

Server Software Main Interface

  • con Real-time monitoring of multi-point data, which can simultaneously monitor up to 8000 measuring points.
  • con Each data shows the area or name of the instrument (user settings).
  • con Up to 8*8=64 monitoring points can be added to each area.
  • con Display the max/min limits of the user settings, and the exceeded data is displayed in red, which can easily recognized by the administrator.

Server Software Main Interface 2

  • con The server monitors the software graph interface, and the graph shows the temperature value fluctuations, which is simple and clear.

Analyzed Software interface




Widely applied in electronics, food industry,warehousing, textile industry, incubator and scientific research,etc.

Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • toolBox

    Carry case

  • 软件光盘

    Disc: Software + User manual

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