HE71X Series Hygro-thermometer



  • con Large LCD with backlight display.
  • con Connect PC through USB interface.
  • con Reliable and stable sensors
  • con Handholdable. Max and Min display function.
  • con Display temperature and humdity simultaneously in multi channel.
  • con Check wet bulb and dew point by pressing internal model’DP key.
  • con High accurcy with reliable and stable sensors
  • con Manual record function,memory for 88 readings.
  • HE710-400


  • HE710侧面-400


  • HE710背面-400



Model HE710 HE715
Measuring range Temperature : -20~+70℃(-4~+158℉)
Humidity: 0~100%RH
Dew point temperature:-21.6~+70.0℃(-6.9~158℉)
Wet bulb temperature:-78.7~+70℃(-99.9!158
Resolution Air temperature: 0.1℃/℉
Relative humdity :0.1%RH
Wet bulb temperature 0.1℃/℉
Dew point temperature 0.1℃/℉
Accruacy Temperature: ±0.5 Temperature: ±0.3
Humidity:±3%RH Humidity:±2%RH
Sensor type Internal
Channel 2
Manual Record Capacity 88
Display Double LCD liquid crystal display,simultaneous display of temperature and humidity data.
Reaction time 1.5 seconds
Battery 9V Block Battery *1
Power Indicator 2.5mA(backlight on)/1mA(backlight off)
Weight 330g
Accessories 9V Block Battery, user manual


Widely applied in agriculture research industry, food industry,medical industry, electronic industry ,environment protectional and laboratory field,etc.
农业研究200 食品工业200 医药工业200

Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • dianchi

    User manual


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