HE2XX Temperature and Humidity Transmitter


  • con Adopt imported temperature humidity integrated sensor, and high accuracy and stability
  • con Measure temperature and humidity with external sensors;
  • con Key deviation calibration function;
  • con Large LCD display temperature ,humidity and time simultaneously;
  • con 100~240VAC power supply and Wall Hanging

Product Model

  • HE230T

  • HE223H

  • HE223C

  • HE218B

  • HE218-TH-CO2

  • HE218-THP

  • HE230-AS


    LED display transmitter

    4~20mA output

    key Key deviation calibration function

  • HE230-AS2


    LED display transmitter

    4~20mA output &4~20mA inpu

    key Key deviation calibration function

LED large display
Model HE230T HE223H HE223C HE218B HE218-TH-CO2 H4218-THP HE230AS HE230AS2
LED size(Inch) 3" 2.3" 2.3" 1.8" 1.8" 1.8" 2.3" 2.3"
Visual range 40M 30M 30M 20M 20M 20M 30M 30M
Temeperature range -100℃~ +100℃ -40℃~+85℃
Other range / / / / CO2: 0~5000 ppm differential pressure: -125~+125Pa , -500`+500Pa / /
Resolution 0.1℃ 0.1℃/0.1%RH 0.1℃ / 0.1%RH / 1ppm 0.1℃ / 0.1%RH / 0.1Pa 0.1℃ / 0.1%RH
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C ±0.5°C
Humidity accuracy / ±5%RH
Sensor type External 2meters External sensor with1.5 or 3 meters cable
Record volume / / 46000 / / / / /
Software / / LogPro / / / / /
N.W.(KG) 1.87 2.3 2.3 5.38 5.38 5.38 2.3 2.3
Dimension(CM) 35*17.6*8.5 39.5*25.5*5 60.1*38.3*5 39.5*25.5*5
Packing size 46*31.5*8.5 66.4*43.3*8.5 46*31.5*8.5
Standard accessriories Opration manual
Optional function

1、Exteranl sound & light alarm

2、GSM alarm

3、RS485 communication

4、TCP/IP communication

5、Zigbee wireless communication

6、Logger function

cekong ThreeColorLamp
  • HE212A

  • HE218A

  • HE223A

  • HE230A

  • HE240A

  • HE250A

  • HE223C-RJ45

  • HE223c-RS485

LED thermometer hygrometer display
Model HE212A HE218A HE223A HE230A HE240A HE250A HE218B HE218D
Model(with record function) / / HE223C / / HE250C HE218C /
With communicate function display
Model(RJ45 port) Model(RJ45 port) / / HE223C-RJ45 / / / HE218B-RJ45 /
Model(RS485 port) Model(RS485 port) / / HE223C-RS485 / / / HE218B-RS485 /
Model(Zigbee wireless ) / / HE223W / / / HE218B-W /
LED size(Inch) 1.2" 1.8" 2.3" 3.0" 4.0" 5.0" 1.8" 1.8"
Visual range 10M 20M 30M 40M 50M 75M 20M 20M
Temeperature range -40℃~+85℃
Humidity range 0~100%RH
Temeperature accuracy ±0.5℃
Humidity accuracy ±5%RH
Sensor type External sensor with 3 meters cable
Software HE223C: LogProHE223C-RJ45/HE223C-RS485:ToMonitor+ToClient
N.W.(KG) 0.7 2.3 2.3 2.3 5.38 5.38 5.38 7
Dimension(CM) 17*11.5*3.3 39.5*25.5*5 60.1*38.3*5 60.1*38.3*8.5
Packing size 24*20*6.6 46*31.5*8.5 66.4*43.3*8.5 67*47*11
Standard accessriories Opration manual
Function description

1、Appearance: wall mounted

2、Resolution:temperature 0.1℃, humidity 0.1%RH

3、Key:4 keys, could set deviation, Set upper and lower limits of the alarm

4、In addition to HE212A, other models can be equipped with external sound and light alarm function

Optional function

Exteranl sound & light alarm

GSM alarm

RS485 communication

TCP/IP communication

Zigbee wireless communication

Logger function

HE212A visual distance of 10meters


HE218A visual distance of 20meters


HE223A visual distance of 30meters


HE230A visual distance of 40meters


HE240A visual distance of 50meters


HE250A visual distance of 75meters


LED Large screen real-time monitor solutions

jieshaoRS485 Real Time Monitor System Network Topology Map


RS485 network is a major net industrial network, which is characterized by simple and convenient operation, mature technology, high reliability and economic benefits, which has been widely used.

The ToMonitor system adopts RS485 communication protocol to realize real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data acquisition of the monitoring points, when any one of the temperature and humidity exceed the standard, system server, customer end users and send alarm, mail alarm, SMS alarm, alarm; support external display; client query; remote centralized management; analysis of the powerful the data of the software.

jieshaoRJ45 Real Time Monitor System Network Topology Map


The monitoring system consists of device layer, control layer and user layer.

  • tubiao

    User layer: including User Company any internal networking computer, install the ToClient client software, you can view the current real-time running state or historical data. Working principle: all data are stored in the control layer (control server) database, the user can only through the local area network (or Internet) to query the historical data or view real-time data. ToClient client software to receive the server sent over the real-time data, it will be judged, if the temperature and humidity data over the set of the upper and lower limits, ToClient software will play alarm sound. The user can query the system according to the authority.

  • tubiao

    Control layer: high performance PC server running ToMonitor monitoring software, the serial server report data written into the SQL database in real time. For more than a predetermined set of upper and lower limits of the recorder, send the appropriate alarm information to the administrator.

  • tubiao

    Equipment layer: all high precision network recorder can automatically record the temperature and humidity data, and forwarded to the ToMonitor software system through the network. Even if the server is not started or the line is broken, the recorder can record the data automatically, and the data loss will not occur.

jieshao Data Logger LogPro Software

  • tubiao

    The device can be set up by connecting the data line and the computer.

  • tubiao

    The data recorded in the instrument can be downloaded and stored in the database.

  • tubiao

    According to customer requirements specified in the specific time period of the instrument recorded data.

  • tubiao

    Data can be saved as PDF, EXCEL, BMP and other formats.

  • tubiao

    Can be used to view the list of files and data files.


jieshaoService ToMonitor software

  • tubiao

    ToMonitor is the server software can receive the data uploaded recorder and displayed on the interface of the software, you can set the temperature and humidity range of each device in the ToMonitor, once the temperature or the humidity value exceeds the set range, the system will give an alarm.

  • tubiao

    ToMonitor is the server software can receive the data uploaded recorder and displayed on the interface of the software, you can set the temperature and humidity range of each device in the ToMonitor, once the temperature or the humidity value exceeds the set range, the system will give an alarm.

  • tubiao

    The system supports RJ45, GPRS, RS485, USB and other relay hybrid access, can be very strong.

  • tubiao

    ToMonitor system supports multi-threaded processing, make full use of multi-core CPU performance, increase the throughput of the system. Send the alarm, the system will not affect the data received.


jieshaoClient software

  • tubiao

    ToClient is the client query software, the user can access the server through the ToClient client, query the historical data uploaded by the recorder.

  • tubiao

    The system uses the client / server architecture to support the internal LAN access, users do not have room to guide the data.

  • tubiao

    Equipment / relay network, without manual intervention, the new equipment is simple and convenient.

  • tubiao

    The transmission data is encrypted to prevent leakage.

  • tubiao

    To provide real-time data display and graphical display of the curve, the user can view real-time monitoring data.



It has been widely applied in medical field, warehouse,Electronic factory work shop,office,lab,agricultural industry,museum, Public Security Bureau interrogation room, home, office space, hotels, restaurants, schools, conference rooms, shopping malls, waiting rooms, hospitals, greenhouse nurseries, livestock breeding and other indoor environment, etc.

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