PM2.5/PM10 Temperature Humidity Data Logger


S600-PM data logger is specially designed for measurement of dust particles per unit volume of air, with particle diameter: 2.5μm and 10μm. The logger is featured with large capacity (up to 43000 groups of data), low energy consumption, easy operation and powerful accompanied software. Users can connect the logger with computer to download and analyze data, and the accompanied software is featured with user-friendly interface and powerful analysis tools.



  • con Measures PM2.5, PM10, temperature and humidity simultaneously.
  • con Memory for 43000 readings.
  • con Elegant appearance and portable design.
  • con Ultra-low energy cosumption,battery can work continuously for 6 months.
  • con Powerful software with simple operation.
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  • PM2.5背面图-400
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Model S600-PM
PM2.5/PM10 Temperature Humidity
Measuring range 0~999ug/m³ -30~+70℃ 0~100%RH
Measuring accuracy 100~500ug,±5%/±10% ±0.5℃ ±5%RH
Resolution 1ug/m³ 0.1℃ 0.1%RH
Sampling rate 1 to 240 points
Record interval 2 to 43,200 seconds
Record volume 43,000
Sensor type Import PM2.5/PM10, temperature humidity sensors
Battery 18505 *1
Communicate interface USB
Dimension 133 mm * 118mm * 37mm
LCD size 50mm *30mm
Weight 440g
Standard Accessories Battery, user manual, analysis software,USB cable

Analyzed Software interface



  Widely applied in environmental monitoring station, air quality detection , ect.
S600W-PM2.5-1 S600W-PM2.5-2 S600W-PM2.5-3

Oprational thermocouple sensors


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