HE183 PDF Waterproof Temperature Humidity Data Logger


HUATO HE183 PDF temperature humidity data logger carries a new type of SCM master, which can record the temperature and humidity data independently generate PDF documents, users can access through a variety of access devices, convenient and quick access to recorded temperature and humidity data. The instrument is equipped with a small LCD screen, and display the temperature and humidity, temperature and humidity to facilitate users to browse information in real time, displayed data can be accurate to one decimal point, and the striking power tips, remind consumption. At the same time, through the button switching, users can obtain other information they need, including: record the maximum value, the minimum record, the upper and lower temperature limit and the upper and lower limits of humidity. In addition, the utility model has a humanized mounting bracket which can fix screws and is convenient and safe to install and use.



  • con Switchable °C or °F with LCD Display.
  • con Waterproof and Dustproof Standard NEMA 6 (IP67),Resisting Moisture And Dust.
  • con Built-in Light alarm ,Temp and Humidity Limits Setting; LED Light Flash When Limits are Exceeded.
  • con Ultra-low energy cosumption,1/2AA 3.6V Lithium Battery Can Work continuously for 12Months.
  • con Protection mechanism and operation software remian the data perfectly.
  • con High sensitivity probe with quick response and high accuracy.
  • con Memory for 7200 readings.
  • con Connect Logging Data to PC Through USB and Can be generated in PDF Formats more conveniently for analyze.
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Model list
Model HE181 HE183
Temperature Measurement Range -30~+70℃ -30~+70℃
Humidity Measurement Range Non 0~100%RH
Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃ ±0.5℃
Humidity Accuracy Non ±5%RH
Temperature Resolution 0.1℃/℉ 0.1℃/℉
Humidity Resolution Non 0.1%RH
Automatic Record Capacity 36,000
Logging interval 2s-24hours
Sample interval 1s-240s
Battery 1/2 AA Lithium Battery (ER14250)*1
Dimensions 125mm * 28mm * 22mm(4.92"*1.1"*0.86inch)
LCD size 18mm *13.5mm(0.70"*0.53")
Weight 62g
Standard Accessories Battery, user manual, software,

PDF logger data interface



Widely used in cold storage, vaccines and blood products, cold chain transportation, food, transportation containers, outdoor and other special environment.

Standard accessories

  • dianchi


  • 软件光盘

    Disc: Software + User manual


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